What Are the Best Gifts for Women – After Forty

As the saying goes, “It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”. Well, this is especially true for women after forty. If you’re buying her a gift, make sure you put some thought into it. These women can’t be fooled! They really want to know you were thinking of them when purchasing the gift. It should be something nice, so that they can flaunt it, and most of all…come from the heart. What she really wants is to know that she is loved and appreciated. That’s all. This may sound complicated, but trust me, it’s not.

Choosing this womans gift should be fun and easy to do! You obviously know this woman, or you wouldn’t be buying her a gift. So, think about her. What kind of work does she do? What activities does she like to do? What colors look best on her? Does she have a hobby, or collection? Is she the outdoor type, active, or likes to read? Love animals? What kind of music does she listen to? Is she leather or lace? Diva or down to earth gal? Just by asking yourself these questions, some ideas should pop up. Write them down now. Write down everything that comes to mind pertaining to her, and together we will discover what are the best gifts for women after forty.

Decide on Your Budget – Gifts Under or Over $100

I know most of us are on a budget, but if not, just head over to Tiffany’s! You can’t go wrong there. In this case, it’s not the gift, but the little blue box that counts. We all love that little blue box for some reason! I painted an entire wall Tiffany blue. Love it! But seriously, if you shop at Tiffany, you will have pleased her.

Whatever your budget is, there is the perfect gift for her. There are plenty of sales happening all over the world right now, so there are plenty of gifts to be found for under or over $100, with huge savings for you!

Jewelry is always a good option, but it should be genuine stones set in silver, gold, or platinum. It doesn’t need to be big, or sparkle a lot, but women after forty do like quality! Again, think about her. A charm bracelet might be a good idea. You can pick charms of all those things that she likes, and add them to a bracelet. If she likes butterflies, buy butterfly jewelry. You get the idea…

Besides jewelry, most women like soft, comfy things. A robe, jammies, sweater, how bout a fur coat? A day at the spa is always refreshing, and perfect this time of year. Any type of pampering is love to women after forty. They also cherish the moments, so why not make some memories with a special concert, or a Broadway show? Exotic vacation, or a cozy inn. Now you get it, right?

Gifts Under or Over $50

Women like things that smell nice too. Perfume, flowers, lotions, candles, any aroma therapy will do. The gift of scent doesn’t have to cost a lot, as long as it is in good taste and a scent she loves. The active, outdoorsy woman’s could use some warmth this time of year. Tis the season for thick, fluffy scarves, and hats. Don’t forget the gloves! It’s not just me, we all lose those.

The other things we lose are sunglasses, and cases for our sunglasses. How bout a phone case? Of all the things she likes, you can find a phone case designed with that in mind. Or at least her favorite color. A nice wallet, or handbag. A charming knick-knack, or a nice bottle of wine is greatly appreciated by most women after forty.

When in doubt, just Google it. While thinking about her likes, you can always Google those specifics for gift ideas. For example, she likes hiking. Just google ‘hiking gifts for women over forty’ and see what comes up. You can even get more specific, and type the amount you wish to spend.

Amazon is a great place to shop. What I like most about Amazon, is they will give you several options of what you’re looking for, and the best price. They also show you lots of reviews from customers who already purchased the item.

No Money at All? – No Worries

A gift from the heart can always be created by you. This can be the best gift of all! Turn her favorite pictures into a movie with her favorite song playing in the background. Make her the star of course! Speaking of song, a playlist made by you can say it all and would be cherished by a woman’s after forty.

A painting, a poem, or write your own song. What are your skills? We all have some hidden talent. At the very least, you can make her a card. If it is thoughtful, she will love it.

More is Better – From a Lover

Now that you’ve found the perfect gift, no need to stop there. After forty, women need attention more than before. Simple, kind gestures will do. Dinner at a nice restaurant, or a candle lit dinner at home. Make time to talk, or go for a walk. Help with the shopping, and chores. Fix all those things you said you would.

The holidays are approaching fast, and she might be feeling stressed out. How bout a massage? Do whatever you can to ease the pressure, and hopefully she will do the same for you.

Wrap it Up – and Put a Bow on It

I hope this was helpful, and you found the best gifts for women after forty. It doesn’t need to be difficult. Just thinking of her is enough to get you started. Ask yourself the questions I mentioned earlier, and if you don’t know the answers, just ask.

Ask her, her friends, or family members. Even if they rat you out, she will be flattered that you went through all the trouble. A meaningless gift for a woman’s over forty is a waste of money, and will only hurt, or upset her. So, be careful!

It’s not about the price of the gift, it really is the thought. So, think about it! However, if you’re still coming up empty, give her a gift card. As long as it’s from a store she frequently likes to shop at, you’re still being thoughtful. Just don’t forget the bow!

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8 thoughts on “What Are the Best Gifts for Women – After Forty”

  1. Great article on buying gifts after forty! It is my wife’s birthday next week and your tips and considerations are a big help. I especially liked your advice on Tiffany’s, even though I may have to settle for something less extravagant.

    I know where to come back to for future advice! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Nick! I’m so glad you found this helpful, and your wife reaps the rewards! lol. That’s what it’s all about though. People helping people. Your comment made my day, so thank you! 🙂

  2. Great article Bella! Unfortunately, I am one of those guys who never knows what to buy my significant other lol. Usually she will pick out a gift like MIchale Koors, but I booked marked your page because I think it would be nice for me to one day surprise her.

    Great article and straight to the point!


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