Is Your Closet Autumn Ready?

This weekend will probably be our last warm days here in Chicago. Today we reached 79 degrees with sunshine as a bonus! I know, we’re late, but that’s okay. We don’t mind except….

When do we start to switch out our clothes from Summer to Autumn? This ever-changing weather we are having is making this a bit difficult. Warm one day, and cold the next. So, I decided to do this is spurts. I start with items I know I won’t be needing til next year. For me, this was swim suits. The pool actually stayed open late this year, but as soon as it closed I put them away and filled the drawer with scarfs, hats and gloves. Next I put away all the bright colored clothes and left the darker ones for the warm Fall nights. I put away the shorts, but saved a couple pairs just in case. I brought out sweaters that range from light to medium warmth, and those corduroy pants. Can save those big, chunky sweaters for Winter.

Having a flexible wardrobe to choose from is so helpful when ‘getting ready’ to start my day. I don’t have time to search for items I need now! And I really don’t like starting my day frantically looking for things, it’s enough just to find my phone and keys.

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