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Seasons change, and this can really take a toll on our hair. During the summer, I can pretty much wash and go, but when Fall comes around, the process is a bit more challenging. The Fall elements can be rough on our hair due to the mixture of humidity, heat, and cold.

The texture of your hair depends on the hair’s cuticle layer. All hair has this protective outer layer that is almost scale-like. If the scales are flat, the hair feels smooth. When scales are raised, the texture is rough. Some other factors for dryness are chemical treatments, heated tools, and lack of moisture. No worries though. This can all be fixed with the right hair products and drinking lots of water.

After forty, is when I began to change hairstyles with the seasons. Not only does this keep things fresh and new, but it’s also my way of embracing the change in weather. I love the warmth of summer, and all the festivities that come with that. The beach, the pool, the festivals, and backyard barbecues, just to name a few. It has always been my favorite time of year!

I do like all the seasons, but I seemed to get depressed every year when Autumn came about. Truth is, I still do, until I get a new hairstyle, that is. A great hair cut can not only change how you look, but also change your perspective. Fall hair styles for women over forty are fun, flirty, and loaded with layers.

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

I’ve never been one to fuss with my hair a lot. During my youthful days, I would cut it once and for the next 3 or 4 months, just let it grow. Sick it in a pony tail or tie it in a bun, and always ready to have some fun! After forty, is when I decided to play with style. I cut it short, and added some layers for a new-look. What I didn’t expect, was the new outlook that came with it!

My whole appearance was transformed for the better, and I looked about ten years younger. Was very exciting! Cutting off all those dead ends brought new life to my hair and face. Softer, healthier feel, and so much easier to manage, made me feel like a new person all together. What makes it so manageable are those layers! I never cared for them in my twenties or thirties. I just wore my hair long and straight, so you can imagine my surprise to find the layers brought new life to not only my hair, but my perspective as well.

I always thought that having layers meant I would have to blow dry and style my hair for hours on a regular basis in order for it to look good. After forty, the opposite is true. Our hair texture changes as we get older, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It’s tougher now, but I use a lot of conditioner and wash it less. This helps keep it soft, and the layers give it a boost. My hair actually got curlier as I aged, and the layers just enhance those curly locks. Now I am all about shorter hair with layers during the Fall and Winter months for a few reasons:

  • Keeps it from going flat, or having hat head.
  • Easier to manage. Just a quick blow dry with hair upside down, then just flip upwards and you have body, bounce and style.
  • Frames the facial features you want to accentuate.
  • Long layers work best for me. I can shorten the length, but keep the layers long.
  • Shorter hair is easier to wear with sweaters, scarfs, and coats. So I like layers with my layers.

Blow Drying Tips

You want to be careful with your just washed hair, and gently squeeze water out with a towel, as scrubbing and rubbing can be damaging to the hair. Then you can air dry or wrap the towel loosely around your head to absorb any excess moisture, while you get ready. More tips:

  • For dry hair, add a small amount of leave-in conditioner to seal the cuticle layer and add moisture before wrapping in a towel.
  • Prep your hair before you turn that blow-dryer on by adding a primer for quicker drying time, and will also protect your hair from the heat. I like Redkin Pillow Proof, but there are several to choose from. Just ask your stylist which is best for you if you’re feeling unsure.
  • Start with a quick, rough dry by just using your fingers to lift the hair away from the scalp while pointing the blow-dryer at the roots.
  • Create volume by lifting hair to opposite sides and continue to blow dry from the roots only. Then flip to the other side and repeat. You can still just use your fingers for lifting, tousling, and scrunching.
  • For a more controlled style, just section the hair off with a clip and blow dry hair with a brush from scalp to ends, while lifting hair up.
  • For faster drying time, use an iconic dryer and brush, rather than ceramic or tourmaline. Iconic dryers emit negative ions that break down water, and create smoother, sleeker hair with no static.
  • For straight hair, always use the concentrator attachment and always direct the heated air downward on the hair strands to prevent frizz.
  • For curly hair, use the diffuser and gently scrunch curls to prevent frizz.

Darker, Richer Color

Now that you’ve found the right cut, you might want to take it to the next level and really sport a fun, new-look by adding some color. Fall is the perfect time of year to play with darker, warmer, shades. However, I wouldn’t do any drastic changes with color. I just go a shade or two darker. Preferably, one shade darker at a time, or add a touch of red to the color you already have. Reddish brown for brunettes or strawberry blonde for lighter hair shades. Maybe even a nice auburn color for Fall?

Just remember, dark colors like red or black are hard to remove. If you go too dark of a shade, bleach is the only way to remove it. That is why I say, nothing too drastic with color. But as our tan begins to fade, we can still brighten our appearance by adding some color to our hair. Blondes can always add some low lights with darker hues, and dark hair colors look great with added highlights this time of year. I just go from medium reddish brown to a dark reddish brown.

My Favorite Hair Product

My number one secret to keeping hair, soft, shiny, and smooth is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray by ORS. I love olive oil for so many reasons, but nothing else compares when it comes to nourishing my hair!

I use coconut oil right from the jar on my face and body as a moisturizer, but for my hair, I prefer Ors Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil in a spray can. It really depends on the texture of your hair, but there have lotions, oils, and sprays made with olive oil and specifically designed for hair. The spray is lighter, which works for me. The others are heavier and would be best for extremely course, dry, hair. So, if your hair is really thirsty, the oil might be the way to go.

I just spray it directly onto the roots and hair before bedtime, and brush my hair thoroughly to make sure it is evenly distributed. The next day, I just wash and go! My hair is soft, shiny, and still has lots of body even though I color it regularly, like every three weeks. This can be damaging because of all the chemicals, and that is why I take precautions anyway I can. Try it!

Wrap it Up

I hope reading this has helped you in some way. Fall style for women after forty is all about the hair! Get rid of those dry ends with the right haircut. Add some volume by adding layers. Find the right products to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz free. Play with colors by going a shade darker, and lift your spirits in time for the holidays!

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